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The Ship has Arrived in Savannah


Coastal Georgia Buccaneers Make a Splash in Savannah, Gear Up for TBL Debut

Savannah, Georgia - January 19th, 2024

The Coastal Georgia Buccaneers, a dynamic and promising addition to The Basketball League (TBL), proudly announce their arrival in Savannah, Georgia. As a formidable team set to compete in the national league, the Buccaneers are ready to bring an electrifying brand of basketball to the vibrant community.

The TBL, recognized as the 3rd division of basketball in the United States, boasts 40 teams spread across the nation. Serving as a crucial platform for aspiring athletes, the league provides players with the unique opportunity to earn a salary while showcasing their talents, with a potential gateway to higher tiers of basketball, including the G-League and NBA, or even international leagues.

To kick off their inaugural season, the Coastal Georgia Buccaneers have exciting events lined up, offering fans and supporters the chance to engage with the team. The Buccaneers will be hosting a Golf Tournament on March 3rd at the prestigious Bacon Park Golf Course. This event not only promises a day of spirited competition on the greens but also serves as an excellent opportunity for local businesses to partner with the team as sponsors. Interested sponsors can reach out to the Buccaneers through their official website.

"We're thrilled to invite the Savannah community to be a part of our journey. Our presence in TBL represents the aspirations and dreams of our talented athletes, and we're eager to make our mark on and off the court," says Prescott Mack, Managing Partner.

The Buccaneers' home opener is scheduled for March 23rd at 7 pm, and the venue is the iconic Tiger Arena. Basketball enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their tickets early to witness the excitement firsthand. Tickets are available for purchase now on the team's official website at (

As the Coastal Georgia Buccaneers embark on this thrilling venture, they extend a warm invitation to the local community to join them in supporting basketball excellence and fostering a sense of community pride.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Prescott Mack

Managing Partner


About Coastal Georgia Buccaneers

The Coastal Georgia Buccaneers are a professional basketball team based in Savannah, Georgia, competing in The Basketball League (TBL). Committed to excellence on and off the court, the Buccaneers aim to provide fans with a thrilling basketball experience while creating positive impacts within the local community.

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